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    Die-hard Auk & proud Blue Hen

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    University of Delaware

    Class of 2014 - Newark, DE

    B.S. in Management Information Systems (MIS)


    • Alfred Lerner School of Business and Economics

    • Concentration in Marketing

    • Sigma Chi Fraternity, Kappa Epsilon Chapter


            - Alumni Relations Chairman (2011)

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    Archmere Academy

    Class of 2009 - Claymont, DE

    Student, athlete, and active alumni member


    • Cross country, ice hockey, and tennis player
    • 2009 class representative for the Archmere Alumni Council
    • Won $1,000 as one of four team members from The Academy to win state-wide Financial Analysis competition hosted by the University of Delaware in 2009
    • Annual Contributor
    • Where I made some of the best friends and memories of my life
    • Junior Career Day presenter annually 2017 - 2021 for students interested in careers in Computer Science - easily one of the most fun & rewarding events I look forward to each year!



    I have been lucky enough to be a part of these great companies:

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    ACI Worldwide, Inc

    • Principal Solution Consultant (Sep 2021 - present)
    • Sr. Solution Consultant (Jan 2020 - Aug 2021)
    • Product Manager (2019)

    May 2019 - Present, - Telecommuter


    • Retained through the Walletron acquisition, which closed May 9th, 2019
    • Responsible for successfully transitioning the existing Walletron product, infrastructure, source code, & client support efforts into the greater ACI org
    • Assist sales team and solution consultants with Walletron moBills™ opportunities
    • Since transitioning to Sr. Solution Consultant role, responsible for providing technical insight for sales opportunities across ACI's suite of bill pay products, specifically as the lead SC of the Consumer Finance vertical (primarily auto loans, personal loans, mortgage, banks, & credit unions)
    • In 2020 alone, provided customized payments software demos to ~125 unique clients, resulting in closing deals worth 177% of annual quota, with 22 wins >$1M TCV in the Consumer Finance vertical
    • Frequent travel (up to 50%) to present to C-suite executives and other high-ranking executives at top 20 US banks, top 10 auto lenders, & top 10 credit unions


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    Walletron, Inc

    • Director of Implementation (March 2018 - April 2019)
    • Software Developer & Sales Engineer (March 2017 - February 2018) 

    March 2017 - April 2019, - Philadelphia, PA


    • Expert on Apple Wallet & Google Pay, the two leading mobile wallet platforms in today's industry
    • Leading many DevOps initiatives to enhance efficiency & satisfy PCI, change management, and all other auditing requirements
    • Guide all clients, partners, and resellers through the capabilities of mobile wallets, the integration with our systems, and ongoing support of the platform.
    • Assisted with the successful acquisition of our company by Western Union's Speedpay division, later acquired by ACI Worldwide. Details here.


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    • Formerly named Collections Marketing Center until 2017, acquired by Ontario Systems in 2021, and since rebranded as Finvi
    • Sales Engineer (2016 - 2017)
    • Java Developer (2013 - early 2016)

    June 2013 - February 2017, Wilmington, DE


    Sales Engineer

    • Deliver product demos both remotely & on-site at international client offices
    • Lead presentations to prospects' IT teams detailing our software, server, & security architecture
    • Support regional Sales leads in North American, European, & Australian markets
    • Evaluate & complete detailed proposals (RFPs) for potential clients
    • Deliver up-sell presentations to existing clients across the world
    • Design innovative ways for potential clients to solve business needs using our product in unique ways
    • Salesforce Administrator (working on certifications)
    • Played major role in redesigning a calculated Sales Process to ensure success across the Sales team
    • Manage all dedicated demo regions with full access, including front end, web servers, DB servers, & batch servers to tailor demos specifically for each prospect. 


    Java Developer

    • Supporting/Lead developer on multiple projects with many major United States & international credit card and student-loan issuers
    • Scrum Master of Product team August 2015 - June 2016
    • Participated in international client-facing meetings to develop project scopes, requirements, and timelines
    • Configured AWS from scratch to comply with standard company server architecture, including using AWS to deploy, house, and test entire suite of web apps, DB servers, & batch processes
    • Heavy use of Linux (RHEL 5+), MySQL, Git, JIRA, Tomcat, Sprint, Hibernate
    • Automated many repeated mundane tasks via Bash scripts to increase efficiency and reduce keystrokes of my team
    • Work directly with executive leadership on roadmap and developing requirements of highly sought after new product features
    • Developed CMC's first test automation framework for our suite of web based collections software
    • Utilized the Selenium API locally and on remote virtual machines via SauceLabs to automate performance testing of client sites under various levels of heavy concurrent load
    • Manually regression tested various builds in QA and UAT environments to thoroughly document and address any issues before they reach the production region or the client


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    Wireless Zone, d.b.a. Verizon Wireless

    Store Manager (3 years), Outside Salesman (1 year)

    November 2010 - May 2014, Newark, DE


    • Walked customers through every part of the phone buying process
    • Worked with local small businesses up to 75 lines to lower monthly costs
    • Participated in local networking events to find new sales opportunities
    • Developed and maintained a profit calculating desktop program designed to show sales people potential profit before the sale was completed



    Software I use daily

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    Apple Wallet

    Apple's home for mobile wallet items



    • Apple's answer for digitizing credit cards (via Apple Pay), and boarding passes / loyalty / gift cards 
    • Expert knowledge of the capabilities the Apple Wallet SDK provides, including layouts, data transmission, push notifications, 2D/3D barcodes, and other best practices to engage end-users


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    The best way to test (and demo!) APIs



    • Built various customized Postman Collections to share with prospects, demonstrating how they could leverage our APIs on sites they host
    • Created standardized automation for implementation-related tasks that is more quickly, easily, and more safely accomplished through APIs


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    The world's most popular programming language



    • Arguably the most recognized programming language on the planet
    • Installed on billions of devices worldwide
    • Highly powerful for a variety of applications
    • My best programming language


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    Proof a GUI isn't required to be a powerful OS



    • Widely used server OS
    • Specifically, RHEL versions 5 and higher, Ubuntu Linux, & Amazon Linux
    • Great for batch jobs, monitoring, web servers, etc
    • Extremely powerful and highly useful for various back-end tasks
    • Tux is pretty adorable, too!


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    The industry leader in on-demand hardware



    • Utilized EC2 instances to configure web, batch, & DB servers on AWS from scratch in various worldwide regions
    • Manage AMIs for easy backups and restoration/redeployment of previously configured servers
    • Maintain & frequently update software on multiple environments for dev testing, QA validation, and UAT acceptance regions


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    Because Excel Spreadsheets can't do everything



    • Commonly used Database Management Software
    • Fully proficient user via MySQL Workbench & command line
    • Acted as DB Administrator for new schemas hosted on AWS, including configuring appropriate access to web/batch application users and employee users
    • Automated backups during periods of heavy changes to ensure proper versioning if any rollbacks are ever required
    • Written Bash scripts to automate creating new DB schemas, configure applicable users, grant those users proper privileges, and load structure and master data needed to startup entire suite of web based applications


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    For those 'rare' times when my code has issues...



    • Issue tracking tool used to document all items employees are working on
    • Great for logging hours, communicating problems, etc
    • Head administrator of JIRA Cloud instance for Walletron, Inc


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    Selenium WebDriver

    Daily User



    • Code that mimics a human using the web that tests all aspects of a site
    • Implemented a data-driven framework that outputs all test results to an external database or an easy to read, color-coded Excel spreadsheet
    • Written in JAVA


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    Consistent Committer 



    • Popular code repository used by amateurs and professionals alike
    • Easily the best place to browse and contribute to others' code
    • Check out my GitHub above if you'd like a free subscription to the Wall Street Journal (but shhhh... don't tell too many of your friends!)


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    What's a developer without his IDE?



    • Wonderful IDE, a bit more advanced than Eclipse (IMHO)


    broken image


    Powerful VoIP API, SMS Platform, and so much more



    • Helps add live calling and text messaging to web applications



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